Where are all the jobs at ?

May 4, 2009 at 1:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Well after what seems like about twelve months of being told we are not in a recession, we are now stoked with the fear we are in the biggest recession ever, but not to worry because the same lot are telling us it wont last long – hurrah ! The recession has of course hit the construction industry which relies heavily on lenders investing money – no money – no development – no jobs -my twenty four years unbroken employment came to halt at the end of Jan and following three months of nationwide job searching have came to realise how bad things are. All that bail out money giving to the greedy bankers who steered us here in the first place, where is the money for new housing, the zero carbon footprint investment, new schools and health care PFI’s ………….
Anyway got so bored and fed up looking for jobs that dont exist I have stumbled into setting up this blog site.
Anyone know of anyone looking for a talented Architectural Technician, willing to relocate and work for a decent affordable salary. post your contact details please


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