Slip in standards ?

May 5, 2009 at 3:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Over twenty something years working within the Architectural Profession I am now rather concerned and sometimes left head shaking in disbelief at the standard of work being issued from the Architects Office. Is it just me ? or is it the case that our standards have slipped ?

Ok, so a lot of projects are so called ‘fast tracked’, possibly due to the procurement and time scales imposed through ‘Design Build’ type contracts – what a load of tosh excuse. From what I have witnessed it seems more likely that the cause is due to basic core values of service not been practised and a lack of understanding of the service we are providing. We provide information in various formats to instruct a Contractor how the building will be built – it is not rocket science -those that treat it as such have most likely been reading to many ‘project management’ books.

How much time does your office spend in producing presentation drawings (job winning importance I understand) compared with the time spent on the construction working drawings – then wonder why you spend so much time answering site queries and trying to cover your arse when the job is on site.

Is the art of construction detailing becoming a thing of the past?, the art of draught ‘person’ ship a lost trade ?. ‘Leave it to the Contractor’ I once got told after spending a full half day working out a tricky little eaves detail – since when does the contractor decide on the detail of the building ?

Become an expert in the basics and the rest will follow.

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