M. P. ‘s E X P E N S E S

May 14, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

OK – Fraud, theft, tax fiddle, call it what you want, the simple terminology is ‘crime’, but I doubt there will be any prosecutions or even a sacking. The police in the meantime are carrying out investigations to find the guilty people – those that leaked the expense claim story to the public. I wonder how many of these MP’s actually comprehend that it is a crime, some have volunteered to pay some money back, well whoop whoop, what good people they must be – the ‘invisible guiding hand’ but only when they get caught ! – and they have the nerve to criminalise benefit cheats ! – the warning of political office being comprimised by business interests by the legendry and god like Mr. Smith – well how uncomprimising if they pay the money back, sounds all too much like money in brown paper bags been backhanded about to pay off the prosecution system – well it boils my p£$?

OK you lot in the big room in the picture, here’s an idea – why not pay back half of what you have claimed and denote it to a third world charity –

– to ease the pain, suffering and starvation of the people in this picture

remember this picture next time your filling in your expense claim for a chauffeur driven journey across London for you and friends to wine and dine at some 5 star restaurant.



  1. icarman1984 said,

    Boils my piss mate!

    Shame someone wouldn’t attempt to blow the houses of parliament up now, and tie every peer in the house of lords to the explosives whilst they do it!

  2. icarman1984 said,

    I’ll tell you something else that really boils my piss (I’d do an entire blog post, as opposed to a comment post, but I don’t know how to)it’s the expenses in the NHS as well!

    It fucking makes me laugh; the fact that they can’t afford equipment/drugs/wages for fully qualified professionals who actually make a difference – yet the the chief execs and the directors of the hospitals can book first class tickets on the best airlines and be put up in the best hotels and eat in the best restaurants, racking up expenses of tens of thousands of pounds for a weekend “conference” in some far flung exotic country.

    Of course the conference may last a full day, minus the breaks in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon (really taxing) but yeah the other one or two days (pr or recuperation, I wonder what other excuses…).

    Yes Fucking winds me right up

  3. BONEYARD said,

    The MP expenses scandal is only the tip of the iceberg, I suspect that most public money funded services have been corrupted at the top level by the greed that this captalist evolution breeds. Top NHS excutives can earn a basic salary of about £250,000, which they then top up with expenses claims for which no receipts are required – surely an open invite to fraud the system.
    Gordon Brown has now called for investigation into both the NHS and the BBC, another great political deflection of attention. Well the public are now wiser to such political tact and with General Election day getting all the more closer, maybe MR. Browns best move would be to start a war – always a good bet following recession, government scandal and public unrest.
    How come at the lower end of the public sector workforce every expense claim must be proofed with a receipt (even down to a parking ticket), the public should be demanding a more transparent and published accountability of the fat cats at the top, with prosecutions to criminalise those caught.

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