The Unseen Government or Quango State

July 1, 2009 at 1:26 pm (politics)

In the midst and uproar surrounding MP’s expenses, (a criminal mis-use of tax payers money), lies, I believe, to be one of the biggest and most scandalous unaccounted and anti democratic use of public money – the Great British Quango Government.
Since NuLab power in 1999 there were a known 135 gov Quangos with Nulab at the time stating there newly formed government would be a more streamlined political office.
2009, there are now approx. 1160 gov Quangos at a cost to the voting tax payer of £64Billion per year, and still a growing trend of this government.
Who? What? Why? you may ask! From a working history within the construction profession here is one example how unnecessary most of these bodies, boards and agencies are.

The following is a list of Government Consultancies to promote and advise on ‘Design Quality’ for the built Environment.

1. Design and Sustainable Development Team (DSDT)
2. Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS)
3. The National Consultancy Unit (NCU)
and last but not least the grandaddy of them all
4. Commision for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

Following a very brief glance as to the consultancy and service they offer it would seem they all offer a muchness of the same guidance ? streamlining ? more like jobs for the boys being created.

Got a community project you need funding for ? apply for a grant, theres millions available, available only to pay consultancy fees. There are no grants to actualy fund your project but you can get lots of money for a quango agency to write you a report.
Got a business enterprise idea and need funding ? apply for a grant,…….same story.

If you wish to comment please name the most waste of time government agency, group etc that you know about. I’m wanting to compile a list to support my application to Mr. Brown, for funding, to enable me to set up office to monitor and advise the services that government quangos provide us, at a grant funded rate and with expenses not accountable for.


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