Can respect be restored in Britains society

July 17, 2009 at 11:40 am (politics)

BBC2 programme ‘death of respect’ looked at the last 50 years asking how and why we have lost our respect. Simple answer in my head would be to point the finger at the Thatcher Government, but all that achieves is adjoining myself with a blame culture which entangles itself with the ‘I am a consumer’ capitalist free enterprise market. Via this capitalist system, we have a nation which is now simmering and close to boiling over, what we need is solidarity not individuality, a united nation with socioeconomic systems and a Government with policies there are not bullied by banks and business. Political agenda should be based on the assumption that people have the freedom to inquire and create in free association with others, and certainly not under the kinds of external constraints that came to be called capitalism.

How and Why has respect been lost ?
discouraged and disbanded by various means:social housing policies, cost of socialising, crime fear, community facilities funding cuts, delocalisation of facilities in favour of centralisation – with communities split you create the individual, survival of the fittest.
Divorce rate
Far to easy to get married, have children, get divorced. It has become a normality, and thus breeding a nation where family values hold no meaning – more individuality
Debt Culture
We live in a consumerist culture which is of course part of the capitalist market, with lack of Government regulation the banks have ‘carrot dangled’ lending to joe public to the point where everything we possess we dont own.
Crushed Industry
Steel, Mining, Shipbuilding, Factories. Manufacturing industries all held strong community spirit, local workforce, families, apprenticeships…..etc. The closing of industry can shut down whole areas with decades worth community history –
Social Housing
As part of the consumerist market, people where encouraged through the Thatcher ‘right to buy’ policy to purchase there council house, borrowing money from the all to eager lenders.
Housing funding was cut year after year and required modernisation work falling some ten year behind programmes. A great excuse to sell them off wholesale to Housing Associations – with a ten year legal requirement to uphold council policy, then a freedom to act as private landlords.

Dividing people is an unhealthy breeding, we are naturaly socialistic, take this away and the old way of ‘everyone offering up a hand’ vanishes and becomes a ‘survival of the fittest’.

You are walking through your local park and see a small child on there own and crying, of course you know you have to assist and offer the child help, but I bet the thought ‘I need to be careful otherwise I could get into trouble’ enters your head. Respect yourself and others, help the child, dont be conditioned by fear or other people’s lack of respect.

‘division of labour will destroy Human Beings and turn people into creatures as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a Human Being to be’ Adam Smith.

Mrs Thatcher obviously did not read this bit, or maybe she did…….social engineering conspiracy theories ??? and I am back to where I started, blaming Thatcher.



  1. sickchip said,

    Turning every man into an island, ie fracturing, dividing, and destroying unity amongst working people was one of Thatcher's goals and has been remarkarbly successful.
    The subsequent pursuit of profit, and personal fortune, has been undertook with ruthless, yet wreckless, greed; and with no moral consideration for the wider society. Eventually the rich will be guarded in gated communities, whilst paramilitary police attempt to control the chaos, crime, and disorder that awaits an increasing population of poverty ridden masses.
    Capitalism needs to develop a conscience (it won't), wealth needs to be distributed more fairly (it won't be), otherwise the civilised world we are hanging on to will disappear.

  2. BONEYARD said,

    Capitalism developing a conscience ?
    'the invisible guiding hand' holds no fight when up against the disease of greed. The social engineering during the Thatcher years was a hideous and genius interpretation of capitilism that should have been undone the moment any socialy conscious Government followed her reign, unfortunately the first thing NuLab done was give monetary control to the Bank of England, the rest is both history and future. Consequences we face are dire, the great divide getting wider, impoverished Britain ruled by business and banking systems who are the Architects of principal policy making, we are in free fall and heading towards a divided serfdom society.

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