Who Believed Obama ???

August 5, 2009 at 10:15 pm (politics)

He said he wouldn’t hire lobbyists. All he’s done is hire high power lobbyists at every level of government. And he has handed the country over to the oligarchs, the international bankers, to loot the nation, according to Bloomer Financial, $9.7 trillion. He has lied about leaving Iraq. He said that he would take the troops out immediately, now he is saying 16 to 23 months he is going to keep them there. He has increased the troops by 30 thousand, doubling them in Afghanistan. He is bombing Pakistan. Barack Obama promised that he would only raise taxes on those making over a quarter million dollars a year. He has now announced in the Wall Street Journal, he is going to change all the loop holes to tax all Americans, taking waivers for homes, taking away the exemptions. The lies are incredible. Everything Obama has said has been a lie.
The new world order is a private group of ultra rich bankers who are off shore. They are above the US, above Iran, Russia, Venezuela. They are international, and they are creating a network of international laws to regulate, and control, and dominate nations. They openly state that they want to deindustrialize countries, they want to bankrupt the population. They want a poor population that has to go to the government for handouts. They want a domesticated population. So the new world order is what every other dictatorship has called for in history. They are people who want a planetary dictatorship run by a group of plutocratic financiers. It is a world government of, for, and by private bankers.


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  1. sickchip said,

    Nice post – stick it on msn politics – theres a load of americans on there at the moment.
    Looks like Obama is just another puppet.

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