Global Warming – prevention or survival

June 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm (environmental)

oh dear oh dear – the industrial age and the world is nigh, what a load of bullshit -anyone dumb enough to believe that we can slow down global warming enough to make any difference can go and waste there time playing ‘oh look at me! caring for the environment, saving the world, blah blah blah’. Well this planet has been heating up and cooling down over thousands of years all by its pretty little self without the aid of the industial age. Other planets in our solar system are heating up, it is not just planet earth, it is infact more of a ‘solar system warming’ rather than a ‘global warming’, something that scientist are yet to explain.
Sure thing, we do emit ozone harmful gases, we are exhausting the earth’s fossil fuels, we are stock piling waste at an unsustainable rate, we are destroying large areas of forestation – well stopping all these activities and changing the way we live on this planet aint gonna stop the natural process that is global warming. What we must change is the way we live to enable our survival, accept the earth is heating up and the oceans are rising (100metres since 10,000BC), weather patterns are changing, soil structures are altering and some plants and species are facing extinction. If our prehistoric uncivilised stone age lot can survive an ice age then surely we can solution find to enable our survival as the planet does change.
Of course things like alternative energy sources that are less planet damaging should always be sought, recycling where the process is viable and practicle is beneficial, the control of industrial emissions needs to be legislated (not taxed),we need to lose the idea of carbon off-setting (kill a tree plant a tree?), technolgy will always be advancing to new and better ways forward, or not so better ways. The planet we live on is naturally self sustaining, no matter how much it cools down or heats up, it will always be changing along with the element conditions. Unfortunately through our destroying of forestation on massive scales and the world wide tampering of soil structures through geo crops we are are interfering with the natural processes, you can only keep injecting small amounts of poison into something for so long before it will eventualy die.
Then of course there are all the conspiracy theories that it is all just a scare mongering tactic and more to do with world economy, finicial co-operate gains, capitalist structuring, taxation increases…….. and I shall stop right there…must go and sort out the 27 types of household waste and work out what rainbow coloured bags to dispose of it in.


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